"No Damp" Application

I have always had trouble with damp off in roses and I find that No Damp is the only product that works for me. What I need to know is how often after the initial application at germination does one have to apply the solution. Once a month? More? Thanks, Johannes

I tried viewing the instructions on the package on line and couldn’t find a link to them. What does the bag say? It appears (if you’re talking about the Mosser Lee product) you plant them in it and that’s it.


The product “No-Damp” has been discontinued. It is a 3.2% solution of oxine bensoate (also called benzoxine). I was able to find the label. The label says only two things about application of the product.

  1. NO-DAMP may be used at double strength for severe cases.
  2. If disease continues to progress after treatment with this product, do not increase the use
    rate. Discontinue use of this product, and switch to another fungicide with a different target
    site of action, if available.

It seems that re-application is not useful. Probably the persistence of action is considered sufficient to get seedlings past the critical period.

If you have had severe problems with damp-off for a long time, perhaps you should consider whether you are keeping the seedlings too damp. Excessively damp soil is mentioned in several places as a contributing factor in loss of seedlings to damp-off.

Poor air circulation is also mentioned as a contributing factor. Perhaps you could set a small fan to keep the air moving in the growing area.

If you are not sterilizing the growing medium before planting the seedlings, you might try that. I’ve seen a number of recommendations for this.

Several people on the forum have recommended putting a layer of perlite over the medium in the pot or flat or bed where germination takes place. Search the forum for other recommendations.


Hi Peter, I found on the Internet the same as what you said. I know that it is discontinued but I still have some.