Nice video with Matthias Meilland highlighting cut rose varieties and the breeding/selection in their greenhouses

Cut rose breeding and production


Great to see this, thank you for sharing!
Curious to learn more about the Chinese hybridizer he mentioned, but I can’t figure out how to transcribe the name which makes searching difficult. The first variety mentioned in the video bred by Yang Yue Ji (sorry that’s probably wrong?) is called Nirvana, but HMF search leads to two roses that are definitely not that one.

Based on the meilland facebook post from earlier in the year

I think its 杨启昆 which translates to Yang Qikun…but even with that google didn’t help.


Found him!
It’s Yang Yuyong, founder of YYY Roses (now renamed Kunming Yang Chinese Rose Gardening Co.)

Short blog about a visit to his gardens and a couple pics of roses he bred:

An article that mentions him regarding IP protection laws for breeders in China and mentions the collaboration with Meilland :

Unfortunately I can’t find much more about about the roses he has bred. He is unknown to HMF.


Yes NIRVANA® is one of our registered trademark and we use it for different varieties at different time of our history :wink:

Yang Yuedji is the breeder of the variety named Hujingshi which we are caring for outside of China :wink: As it is a Cut flower, usually you don’t get much info on HMF as most of the varieties are not known to the “garden world” :wink:

Yang Qikung is our representative in China for cut flower development since 1999. He is not the breeder of Hujingshi NIRVANA® :wink:

As said in my previous post, the cut flower word is not known by the garden world (unless few examples that was released before 2000)

YYY breeding is mostly for cut flowers and hydrangeas today. The 1st varieties that we trialed was sent in 2006. Some have been protected in China but only NIRVANA® Hujingshi is commercial outside of China.

Thank you for the information @MatthiasMeilland !
Even if we can’t grow them it’s always interesting to learn about new cut flower roses being created, and I am glad that fragrance is a part of the current focus!

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Thanks David,

Happy that you enjoyed it :wink:

I’m surprised they let @MatthiasMeilland in the greenhouses. Jk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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