Nice seedling with potential for winter hardiness

Prairie Joy x Prairie Snowdrift. So far disease free and likes to bloom. Although I’m not a fan of pink normally, I find the stable color combination pleasing. Given the parentage, it could exhibit excellent winter hardiness.

That’s quite pretty, Rob, congratulations! I hope it shrugs off winter for you!

Agree nice looking rose, and real potential as garden winner. Grow both parents. And mother pedigree in my books excellent choice - makes a real tidy full bush and well behaved blooms and returns each spring with a little cleanup. I assume snow drift added the fullness.

Thank you Kim!

Thank you Riku. I agree with your comments about Prairie Snowdrift. I also assume that PS had something to do with the added fullness. It’s a really nice rose with potential as a parent.

You’re welcome, Rob!

Very nice! I love how it looks like it just wants to form a button eye.
I hope it proves valuable to you for breeding, although looks like it has merit on its own as well.

Thank you Duane. This one might have potential for zone 3. Hopefully it continues to do well this season.