Nice seedling from last year (Aprikola x Golden Celebration)

A seedling from Aprikola x Golden Celebration. It looks very similar to Aprikola. I have other seedlings from this cross that look different. So maybe this one is actually Aprikola OP. It looks nice anyway. I’ll be looking closely for interesting differences once my Aprikola flowers. This seedling has a light fragrance and is quite healthy, compared to other seedlings in the bed. I do have a sister seedling that is healthier though, with nicer flowers, but unfortunately the flowers seem to split as if the bud is too small to keep the petals inside.



It sounds like the Sister seedling is too double. I’ve had this happen repeatedly. It’s very disappointing.

Seedlings that are too double will open fine in warm dry weather and often never open under damp cool conditions.

It’s heartbreaking to let some of these types of seedlings go as they can be so lovely under certain conditions.

Beautiful seedling! Well done!

I have plenty of seedlings that as you say, “seem to split as if the bud is too small to keep the petals inside.” They have all been offspring of “Fa’s Marbled Moss” and with only one exception have turned out to be very nice roses, one with over 150 petals in the open flower. We have the conditions that RNR describes, though–warm and very dry, so I have no idea what they do when raised elsewhere.

Golden Celebration does seem to produce some really fantastic offspring!


Very nice Rob - I really like the color!

Jim Sproul

Thanks for the nice comments!

I just noticed it is thornless. Maybe that changes when it gets older (it is second season now), but all the seedlings surrounding it are already showing normale thorniness. So this may make it even more interesting compared to Aprikola, which has thorns. My seedling has longer internodial distances though. So it looks somewhat sparser foliaged. I wonder if this changes when it is grafted.


Sometimes smooth seedlings develop prickles after a few years.

It would be great were it truly smooth. Even then smooth seedlings often don’t pass smoothness along.

Hi Rob,

I believe Golden Celebration is considered thornless so maybe the cross did take. Hooray for smooth roses; I get so tired of picking out the prickles!


What a beautiful color Rob! I really like this one. Congrats.