Nice finds at local nurseries...

I was driving around on Sunday checking out what local nurseries had left in the way of roses. I found some good sales and LOTS of hips on:


Red Eden

Fourth of July

Charles Aznavour

Midnight Blue


Topaz Jewel

I purchased the above and will replace some in my garden that I’m not too thrilled with. All of the hips are unripened but large. I was surprised to see so many hips on Topaz Jewel! I’m not familiar with Charles Aznavour. Can anyone share their experiences with that one?

These were pretty good finds at 50% off. I may have to hit some more nurseries this weekend. I’m hoping to find some rugosa hybrids out there.

Charles Aznavour (aka Matilda) is a French floribunda, white with pink tinge around edges. op seeds germinate fairly well; most seedlings just like parent, one is more fully double; none keepers at this point.

Thanks for sharing your experience Dave. There’s a large amount of hips on this plant and with all the other roses that were around it and the chance of cross pollenation, maybe another plant

I too have been getting some deals this time of year. Just bought a Home Run at Lowe’s for $5, and a Gemini for $12(it probably would have been marked down more but it was the only one there so we got it).The Gemini was covered in hips. After July 4th roses seem to get less expensive…

All the hips I consider an extra bonus. I’m a big fan of OP hips and what could result from them.