Newbie Help, Please. Harvesting Seeds.

I’ve been trying to hybridize my roses for the past 15 years and I think I might actually get some seeds this year. My problem is that my hips are at the 3 month mark and the hips and stems are starting to turn a pale sickly looking yellow. From my previous experience, when this happens, within days the hips/stem shrivel up and die. Any suggestions what I should do? Is it too early to harvest them? I live in California and we just got through with another heat wave.

Go ahead and harvest. For most varieties, 14 weeks from pollination is an ideal time to harvest, and that is about 3 months. Your seeds should be fine.

Thanks, Peter! Wish me luck!

Out where I live in Colorado, we have some kind of bug (I don’t know what it is) that bores into the stem right below the hip and kills it). It usually causes the hip/bud to fall, but not always. Do you think you might have that kind of problem? I’ve seen these rotted little critters kill hips…

I decided to harvest because the stem was looking really bad. Only had one seed in it. :frowning: I hope my other hips do better than that.