New varieties of roses are grown in Kyiv, Ukraine

"The rose is a traditional symbol of love and beauty. Humankind has cultivated more than 300 varieties, and breeders haven’t stopped there. Now a rose is also fashionable because 2010 in the fashion world has been declared the year of the rose. Particularly popular are roses in the retro style.

[Elena Rubtsova, curator of the Rose Garden]:

“In the 20th century, plant breeders have sought to get a goblet shaped flower. These are the roses that we see in a bunch. Basically, now everyone wants to get a flat shaped rosette.”

In addition to shape, plant breeders have experimented with color and the number of petals. But one of the main tasks for Ukrainian scientists is to develop a frost-resistant variety unaffected by disease. To achieve this, roses of the desired quality are grafted onto the wild rose plant. The process is laborious and time-consuming."

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