New Tea book

Cheapest source I’ve found yet (see link):


If that is 29 Euro, I don’t think it is $23 USD. Last time I looked the exchange rate was the other way up. BTW one author sent me some comments on how tried to undercut the Ashdown price, then couldn’t deliver because they didn’t actually have the books, for months. No further comment from me.

The price is

Nope - it was USD

"Author: Chapman, Lynne

Title: Tea Roses

Bookseller Book No.: 187705867X

Price: US$ 23.28

Total Book Price: US$ 23.28

Updated Shipping: US$ 11.22

Updated Total Order Amount: US$ 34.50"

Their are 19 copies that state ‘as new’ and if anyone is on a tight budget like I am then this represents good value. Even at the current exchange rate it is less than I can buy it even in Australia. Last time I bought from them shipping from the UK took less than 3 weeks. If you want to buy new then choose any one of the places mentioned…

Something interesting in the description- soft cover. Is this a new edition? I’d send an email to ask the size of the book.

Yeah… soft cover threw me as well… but I REALLY want the book so will let you know when it arrives.

The book was brand new, hard cover, current edition, and $34.50 USD all together including shipping to Australia so they must have done a bulk order. They still have 12 left.