New Seedling - Mini ???

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you my new seedling and wanted your opinions on weather you think this might be a minature or not? The leaves are pretty small and I would say that the bloom is not anymore than 2 inches across.

I am sorry the one pic is a little blurry but I was trying to hold the camera with one hand and I was not too steady.

Thanks so much!

Here is the other pic.

I like the double layers of stripes. What’s the parentage?

Hi Jon,

The parentage is Rt. 66 Seedling X Rainbow Niagara X Osiana. The Rt. 66 seedling looks just like Rt. 66.


I really like the contrast! Stripes tend to produce more of the darker color. I think it is always better when there is more of the lighter color. As for size, it might end up closer to MF or shrub sized, but you never know.

Jim Sproul

Nice looking seedling.

What does the term “double layers of stripes” mean?

How is Osiana as a parent?

Im guessing it means that the striping hits the reverse too. Scentimental, for example, would look far different if the stripes only covered the face petal layers. To me personally, striping on only the petal face is distracting and displasing because it looks very “off”. Maybe its a psychological component like how we read faces being more symmetrical as positive connotation (scientists theorize its a physical reflection of health, etc). Tropical Sunset is a good example where the reverse is not striped and much lighter than the face petals. Sometimes the stripes can be seen on the reverse because the reverse is light and petals can be quite transparent. It seems that theyre bicolors as well as stripers.

Rainbow Niagra no doubt has 2nd generation miniature genetics. Route 66 definitely has 2nd - 3rd generation miniature genetics. Both boil down to several sets of Little Chief in their backgrounds. So, if it is miniature then that is probably how it became so. The size relativity, foliage type and general plant architecture looks like some mini-drived patio types I have raised before.

Hi Jeanie.

I really like the delicate striping on this one, it gives a nice balance/look…it is not too “busy” like some striped blooms can be…it also looks quite healthy from what I can make out in the pictures.

Thanks so much everyone.

Hi George, Yes this one is very vigorous, I repotted into a bigger pot and it took off like crazy.

Jadae I think you are right, I believe it’s going to be a mini, future bound for a patio pot. LOL

Hi Adam, Osiana is a very good seed setter and gives out alot of pollen, the blooms are so beautiful and it tends to grow very tall. This bloom right here is ready for pollination today with Purple Tiger pollen…weeee hoo! LOL

Thanks on the definition. I learn something almost everyday on the forum.