New rugosa hybrid

I would like to report the development of a new Rosa rugosa hybrid, a cross of ‘Hansa’ x Rosa laxa. The selection has semi-double, 2 1/4" diameter, light pink flowers that are very fragrant. The shrub is vigorous with blue-green foliage that is disease resistant. It will probably be a very hardy (Zone 2) Pillar or small Climber. The late Percy Wright attempted this cross but apparently his seedlings all had distorted flowers. A triploid, it doesn’t produce pollen but I am attempting to see if it is fertile as a pistillate parent. Eventually I want to cross Rosa laxa ( a tetraploid) with Rosa rugosa/acicularis hybrids (tetraploids), so that a breeding line can be used with modern roses. Fragrance is essential in the development of roses, and it appears Rosa rugosa/laxa hybrids are a good combination for developing this characteristic.

Paul, anything new to report on your Hansa hybrids? I am at the point of wondering whether I should follow up anymore with my Hansa hybrids. I guess the next step will come next spring whn I can measure the pollen diameters.


I’m still attempting to develop a hybrid of ‘Hansa’ x Rosa acicularis ‘Kinistino’, so I haven’t gotten anything to report yet.

Interesting you bring this up, since I’m having trouble in the last couple of years to get ‘Hansa’ hips to mature to a size where the seeds are viable. Also, I note the ends of the branches having hips sometimes die back and this, of course, negatively affects the maturing of the hips. It’s the strangest thing.

One of the alternatives I’m looking at is ‘Kaitlyn Ainsley’. I note it can set good sized op hips. The progeny, too, would have more diversity than a ‘Hansa’ x Rosa acicularis cross.