New Registration

I’m planning on registering this seedling since she’s proven to be a really nice one, but I’m stumped at what color to call her? What do you all think?


I’d call it an apricot pink blend.

Judith, Great looking rose, yellow blend might fit.

I would call it an orange/pink blend.


Well, IRAR only gives you limited choices. If I had my choice I would call it an cream/pink/apricot/orange/yellow/lavender blend. Unfortunately, when you register, your only choices are:

Apricot/Apricot Blend

Deep Pink

Deep Red

Deep Yellow

Lt Pink

Lt Yellow

Med Pink

Med Red

Med Yellow

Orange Blend

Orange or Orange Red

Orange Pink

Pink Blend

Red Blend

Mauve or Mauve Blend


White or White Blend

Yellow Blend

Choose whichever color assignment is least offensive to YOU. You could easily place it into at least 3 color classes and be correct in any of them.


I’d call it apricot pink blend. Unless it looks really different open or in the sun.

For the ARS, it is probably closest to an Apricot & apricot blend. Check out HMF now and see what you think of my changes.


Mel, which changes are you referring to?

I put some of the info you put here up on HelpMeFind for ‘Miss Lindsey’. I’m an HMF Administrator and can put info there.


Lol! That’s perfect!