New Purple Striped Seedling

Well talk about beginner’s luck! I have been trying for a good purple striped shrub for more than 10 years. I thought that ‘Purple Tiger’ needed some improvement. Well, this is my son Silas’ first attempt, with just a handful of crosses. The color is more purple than what my camera takes and I have nothing that I would change about this seedling - it is floriferous, fragrant, clean, the blooms age very well, and the petals drop clean.

It is from a cross of ‘Midnight Blue’ X (‘Fourth of July’ X ‘First Impression’). It is a “half-sister” of the orange and yellow striped seedling that I posted earlier this year.

Jim Sproul


‘Beginner’s Luck’ sounds like a good name for it too :slight_smile: Is this its first flower? I will be a ripper when it grows up if so!

I was thinking of putting ‘Ebb Tide’ on ‘Soaring Spirits’ to acheive a simialr effect too.

shakes head achieve even…


Wow! He has breed something better than anything I have ever breed with roses. Hopefully this will encourage him even more.

Looks like and sounds like you have a winner Silas…Keep up the good work…Like Mr. Joe winchel told me once… " never give up"…Larry Popwell

Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I will show this to Silas. He turned 16 on Friday and we are having a pool party for him today. I will probably stay inside as it is expected to be 106 to 108 today!

Simon, I think this photo was taken on it’s second bloom cycle, but the first blooms were just as beautiful - I think that it had a cluster of four buds on its very first bloom cycle. Right now it is on its 3rd bloom cycle.

You are all very encouraging. Adam, as Larry has said, “never give up”. This rose breeding hobby is so fun - just like a box of chocolates…

Jim Sproul

Yeah Jim…“you never know what you going to get”. Larry Popwell

Not true, with chocolates you can always stick your finger in the bottom and find out; at least I sometimes use to do that as a child.

By the way, Silas is NOT a beginner; you should see the rose he created with Baby Love a few years back. Jim, how old was he when he made that cross"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILAS- Looking forward to the “House of Sproul” rose dynasty somewhere down the road.

Happy birthday Silas and may you have many many more. Larry

I’m with Jim… looking forward to more cool roses from the “House of Sproul”. Keep up the good work Silas.