New member: seeds of rosa clinophylla, gigantea, longicuspis

Dear all,

It is our first post here.

We have some seeds of Rosa clinophylla, Rosa gigantea and Rosa longicuspis which were very kindly provided by another member.

We were wondering: do they need scarification or vernalisation? Can we sow them directly?

We have sown the seeds of clinophylla directly in a bottom heated propagator. Is that correct?

Corrado & Rina

Welcome Corrado and Rina! It might help if you shared where you are as climate might determine the need or benefit of storing them in cooler conditions.

Your are right apologies! We are in the North East of England.

Generally, rose seeds need some cold. I take the lazy approach and leave them outside :stuck_out_tongue: It works, but I don’t use it for valuable crosses. You could get away with only warm stratification in these species, as they all seem tropical…

Warm stratification? How does it work? I have done some research and I have found so many different “recipes” that I am utterly confused …

Would warm stratification be the best approach, keeping into account that clinophylla is fully tropical?

Warm stratification is just like normal stratification, just without cold. I never grew tropical species of rose seed before, I just know that it might work. I know there is a rose breeder in India, if you know them, ask them! They should know better than anyone else.

Or you can try embryo extraction.

Embryo extraction? Have you tried it? How does it work? Can you point me to some reliable documentation?