New kordesii seedling... picture.


I was so lucky to share a few seeds to Jim Turner. The cross was Livin Easy x R. kordesii (kordesii from Ashdownroses if anyone intrested). My objective was to get glossy healthy seedlings in any flower color and form. But I didn’t expect for such a fine flower like the one I’m putting up. It looks like an English, doesn’t it? Jim has said that the color is a dark red, which is something I haven’t expected but all the same I’m happy. None of my seedlings survived because of massive slug and snail problems that seems to never go away no matter what. But the seeds that I sent to Jim germinated and he has said that many are doing well with the exception of mildew to a few. To me, the foilage looks more like Livin Easy… Well, here’s the picture that Jim sent. It looks very lovely. I have problems loading up pictures at times, so you may have to play around with the link. If I still have problems, are the anyone nice enough to put the picture up for me?


Beautiful, and not at all what one would expect from that cross! Does it have scent?

Nice! and it looks like you’ve already got another bud forming.

I think Jim told me it has a mild scent… although I didn’t expect any as both are scentless to me… Well let’s hope that it will do fine with a good repeat. Kordesii is a fascinating rose to play with with very good foilage. Although Canadians are using it just for the winter hardiness of the offspring, my goal was to get more disease resistance.

A few buds have formed on kordesii… I’m eager to make make a cross using Baby Love’s pollen.

It had a light scent yesterday when I took the photo, but I don’t smell anything today. I pinched off the first bud, so this flower is actually from the second bud.

My digital camera doesn’t handle reds very well. This is actually a really nice shade of dark red.

Only two of the seedlings from this cross have bloomed so far even though they are over four months old. I’m beginning to suspect that the rest of them won’t bloom this year.

Very nice, Enrique. Considering the complex pedigree of ‘Livin Easy’, you were extremely fortunate to obtain a good red colour in your seedling. Are you aware that you obtained a dose of Rosa kordesii in your seedling from the pedigree of ‘Livin Easy’ via ‘Silver Jubilee’?

I use the L83 germplasm (a hardier Rosa kordesii) for its combination of hardiness and disease resistance. In my opinion, for an optiumn development of a shrub rose it should have either Rosa wichuraiana or Rosa kordesii in the parentage for disease resistance.

Yes, I am very aware that Livin Easy is VERY distantly related… Well, I’m done for the day. I need to go visit a friend right now, but I just want to say that everyone should thank Jim for germinating and growing the seeds, and for taking the picture so that everyone could take a look. This year I got Armada and I’m going to cross these two…

I encourage people to work with kordesii, and if possible, L83. Kordesii is an unslightly mauve-pink color, but it seems capable of producing dark red and possibly other colors…

Enrique & Jim,

Looks like a really nice new rose! Please keep us updated on how it performs.