New Features on HMF for Breeders and Hybridizers

For those of you who don’t already know, has added two new features specifically for breeders and hybridizers. You can now search by rose or cross for descendants. When searching by cross you select the two roses you want to cross and enter them as the seed or pollen parents and then HMF will give you a list of all the offspring that has been produced by that cross. It helps you to see what others have already done and what traits have been passed on from any given cross.

You can also find all the offspring of any given rose sorted by how the rose was use…as a seed parent or as a pollen parent. That can be helpful in finding a particular parent or offspring of a rose to use as a parent in your breeding.

If you are interested, here’s how you find these features and use them.

First, do a search, then select roses, under that select Advanced Search, scroll down to Lineage and click on it, then you will have the option of either finding “descendants of” a rose or, you can select “Cross Between” and enter two roses, one as the seed parent and one as the pollen parent and see all the offspring that cross has produced.

It’s a useful tool and one that would not have been possible with the support of HMF. Please take a minute to send them a thank you for developing this tool for us. The better research tools we have the better roses we’ll be able to produce.

Let me know if you have any questions.