New Delbard rose with variegated foliage

Elie Semoun, introduced by Delbard this year, is a hybrid tea (or floribunda?) with variegated foliage.



I’ve always liked the thought of variegated leaves. I wonder if this is a trait that cane be passed on? Thanks for posting the link Rob.

I hate to say it (the variegations probably are genetically carried), but those leaves bring to my mind the wonderful variegations we used to get from Rose Mosaic Virus. I remember one Mister Lincoln that looked like Aucuba japonica–with thorns and a big red flower, of course. :slight_smile:


I think it’s possible to breed or sport varigated foilage.

My Renae has had one branch, always the same branch or from this same branch, varigated foilage.

I’ve even posted here years ago.

I’ve tried to root it and I’ve done it successfully. One plant from this branch is about two years old and it grows at my aunts.

Zero verigation. Yet, my Renae from Sequoia Nursery still has that same branch.

That’s weird Enrique. I wonder why the plant from the cutting has no variegation but the mother plant does?

It maybe an unstable sport.

I remember reading how clones sometimes propogate into entirely different plants.

There’s a thornless Fortuna… but there is also a quite thorny clone floating around too.

It’s possible that Fortuna started thorny and people started to propogate the least thorny part of the plant until it became thornless.

I remember reading that from an old ARS article from the 70s or 80s.

The trick is capturing that varigatio in the propogated clone, and keep propogating it from there on.