New Breeding with Hybrid Musks and Multiflora Ramblers

I will be adding these to my breeding program this Spring.

Red Ballerina 'Red Ballerina' Rose
Tapis Volante 'Tapis Volant ®' Rose
Belle des Fagnes 'Belle des Fagnes ®' Rose
Frisson Frais 'Frisson Frais' Rose
Ghislaine de feligonde 'Ghislaine de Féligonde' Rose
Sweet Haze 'Sweet Haze®' Rose
Sibelius 'Sibelius ®' Rose
Alden Biesen 'Alden Biesen ®' Rose
Puccini 'Puccini' Rose
Princesse Violette 'Princesse Violette' Rose

Warren it will be interesting to see what comes from these. There are a couple that interest me,
Sweet Haze and Ghislaine de Feligonde. I had not heard of Sweet Haze before, is it available in Australia ?. I have GdF on back order from Thomas as they ran out last season. Warren are these from seed or plant material brought back from your trip ?

Dave I think the possibilities of producing something interesting is pretty high. Hybrid Musk’s don’t seem to have too many problems, it is their floriferous nature I am after. In Sangerhausen they have an area which has just Hybrid Musk’s , I was there when they were all in full bloom, all I can say is amazing roses. I did some work last year with them when I was Europe and had the seed sent back to me in OZ. I saw some very large GdF plants in full bloom last year, awesome. I don’t think Sweet Haze is in OZ. They are all seed , plant material is Illegal.


Thanks Warren, yes plant material is illegal in some respect, I wish I/we had enough to import some wood from overseas, have you any idea of “real” costs of importation. If you have any seeds left of ‘Sweet Haze’ may I odtain some or could you put me in touch with whom I may get some.
Regards David.

The costs of exporting budwood is expensive enough, I would say it would be similar Importing. I have no seed left of Sweet Haze Dave, I will have to see who I got them off.