New Book on Explorer Roses

There is a new book written by Dr. Felicitas Svejda about The Explorer Roses that she hybridized for Agriculture Canada. It is published by National Roses Canada and order forms can be found at their website, It is the most complete reference book on the subject. It also contains descriptions of her early hybrids that predate the explorers. There are genealogical notes on all her hybrids in her own handwriting.

I highly recommend that any who is breeding roses for winter hardiness and disease resistance get a copy of this book. National Roses Canada is a non-profit Canadian rose society.

Mark Disero


I would like to order a copy of this book, but the order form only lists one price, presumably in Canadian dollars. Is there a US dollar price? It

Good question Roger! I just wrote out a check and mailed it last week for that amount not even thinking about that. Hopefully it will be okay and I can receive it. I’m really looking forward to it.



I paid the price of $23 for my copy in US dollars. I had no problem receiving it and thoroughly enjoyed the read. The research that Dr. Svejda carried out was such an important step forward for those of us interested in breeding for cold hardiness, disease resistance, and repeat bloom. I would guess that nearly all of us breeding in cold climates have incorporated at least a few of the Explorer roses into our breeding strategies. We owe Dr. Svejda (and the Canadian government) a debt of gratitude for the resources they devoted to this research. I doubt we will see that level of government commitment again, but the wonderful collection of roses she created provide the basis for future work in the hands of private companies and individual breeders.

Thanks for the responses, I will go ahead and order without worrying about it. Dr. Svejda

I just got my copy yesterday and started reading it last night. What a nice publication and resource. I enjoyed your comments Julie and really am grateful as well for all the efforts and contributions of Dr. Svejda and Ag Canada.



I finally got around to ordering my copy of this book. I just made out a check without specifying USA or Canadian dollars, and the book arrived in less than 2 weeks (that is fast, considering the time usually required for surface mail to travel from small-town Michigan to Canada, and then back again).

The book is a wonderful read, besides the value of its content. She not only summarizes her extensive work, but fills in a lot of gaps that have never been addressed in any publication, most notably the recent history of the explorer rose program.

If you grow and breed roses in a mild climate, and don

Hi Roger,

I suspect that is true as well. For sure they have chromosome doubled versions of ‘Martin Frobisher’ and ‘Therese Bugnet’ that were generated in England. Michael Marriot talked about their use in their breeding program when he was in MN promoting English roses.

I really enjoyed the book as well and am sure glad that Svejda documented her work for us.



Hi Roger and David,

I can tell you with certainty that David Austin is using Canadian Explorer roses in his breeding program. I sent him the book by Svejda and this is what he wrote back to me on July 8th, 2008.

Mark: Wow, thanks for the information!

I guess it confirms that the best breeders keep track of what other programs have produced.