Need advice on which to keep...

I’m growing Rhapsody in Blue, Wild Blue Yonder, Night Owl, Ebb Tide and Outta the Blue. I’ve got a small space and need to make room for Cuthbert Grant and Westerland. Of those mentioned which would be best kept for disease resistance, possibly passing on purple coloring and for breeding in general? Thanks for any advice.


Wild Blue Yonder REALLY hated the random April freeze we had. It was one of the few that had die back from it. I was disappointed. However, it is a healthy grower. Rhapsody in Blue is garbage here. Ebb Tide is wonderful. Outta the Blue is trash here.

So, thats my 2 cents, it’s your decision though.

Thanks for your advise Jadae. Much appreciated. I’m thinking Purple Tiger crossed with which ever of these I keep.

I have done work with Midnight Blue and it is showing some spectacular results, Bob. I suspect Ebb Tide might be as useful also.


Interesting… I have Ebb Tide and Outta the Blue, had Purple Heart but shovel pruned it last fall. Outta the Blue is by far the better bush for me over Ebb Tide. Outta the Blue is disease free, always in bloom and is surprisingly winter hardy. Ebb Tide is just not any of that, but I really love the color of the bloom.


Thanks Paul and Liz. I’m thinking I may keep them all and see what results I get. I’m happy to hear that you are getting great results with Midnight Blue Paul. I’ve already started crossing that one already. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Do you have any pics posted anywhere showing what kind of results your getting with MB? Thanks again.

Well, Rhapsody in Blue will definitely get tossed at the end of the season. It’s covered in BS. I’ve already used pollen from Therese Bugnet and a few otherson it or else it would get tossed now. It’s a shame as it has such a prett color.


I have had ‘Ebb Tide’, ‘Night Owl’ and ‘Midnight Blue’. I agree with Paul, that MB is a great rose to use in breeding, possibly the best of the Carruth purples - great floriferousness, fragrance and color. The only problem I have seen is some leaf drop after hips set for no apparent reason. ET is great for fragrance and blooming power as well as size of blooms, but I don’t like the plant habit as much and it is a bit more susceptible to powdery mildew. Finally, NO though a good grower, and also with lots of blooming power, is disappointing to me in that it is not as fragrant as the others.

Jim Sproul

Thank you for your tips Jim. Of the group I much prefer ET for its color and flower form. They are all new for me this year. Is ET a good parent both ways do you know? I’ve not found many anthers on it so I’m not getting much, if any, pollen to use. If I can just keep my golden retriever from eating rose buds I’d be in good shape.



I chose not to use ET because of the problems it had compared to MB, so cannot comment on fertility.

Sounds like your golden retriever has good taste!

Jim Sproul

He does. But, he does so much damage sometimes! lol