NCPN-Roses Tier2 Meeting

On Twitter was a post that this years NCPN-Roses meeting will be on August 24-25. Contact Natase Anderson at for addtional details.

Can anyone here add to this information?

It’ll be held at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum that Tuesday and Wednesday.

Is this meeting going to be a zoom meeting?

Still no information about whether the meeting will be a zoom meeting.

I did find two links concerning two of the Tier 2 members:

Hi Everyone!
You are most welcome to join in the Zoom portion of the meeting.
You need to register in advance here:
After you register you will receive a email link and password for joining the meeting.

Meeting starts at 8:30 AM (Central time) tomorrow (Tuesday, August 24th) and will continue until approximately 2 PM.
For, Wednesday (August 25th) meeting starts at 8:30 AM and will end at approximately noon.

Although I did attend the meeting, I do not remember if the spray Forbid was discussed for rose rosette virus control. The minutes of the meeting have not yet been posted. Did anyone remember such a discussion?

I am asking because of this recent thread: