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I’m not sure if this is where to start, but I’m wanting to have a rose named in honor of my dear friend’s 15 year old daughter who died recently. Her name was Kristin Nicole. I learned that it was the Year of the Rose and thought what a fitting tribute to a young vibrant girl who too soon was taken from life’s rose garden. I have no idea about cost or if this can be done, but I do believe we need to think outside of the envelope at times. I trust that someone will be able to help. Thank you. Any consideration is appreciated.


I’m sorry for your friend’s loss of a beloved child.

You asked about naming a rose for this young person.

Frank Benardella hybridized a rose in 1992 that was named ‘Kristin’. It is a miniature rose and is a red blend. It also won an ‘Award of Excellence’ for mini roses.

If you think this would be an appropriate remembrance for this young woman, you can purchase this rose from several miniature rose nurseries. lists several nurseries where this rose is available.

Having the naming rights to a new rose is indeed most likely an expensive venture unless you can find a hybridizer who will use the name you suggested.

Hope this is helpful.


To purchase the naming rights of a variety from most professional hybridizers is a costly venture. They often want upwards of $20,000 US to name a rose. If you ask an amateur hybridizer, you can likely get the same service for a fraction of the price, but many of us have no way to get that rose onto the market on a grand scale. If that doesn’t matter to you, then this is the way to go, certainly. Would you be satisfied in paying an amateur grower $500 to $1000 to produce 20 to 50 plants for you, with no gaurantee that it would ever be grown by any but yourself and a few close friends? It’s hard enough to sustain market presence of a rose produced with all the right hype and in quantities of 500,000. To get an amateur’s introduction onto the market is infinitely more difficult.



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