Name Your Cleanest Seed or Pollen Parents

Parents that I like include for seed parents: Gemini and Stainless Steel, and for pollen parents: Baby Love, Hot Tamale and Pretty Lady (Scrivo).

Which are the clean parents that you all are using?


‘Out of Yesteryear’: spotless foliage. Use as pollen parent.


Are you referring to the parents themselves or their seedlings? Im going to assume parents. Dortmund, Living Easy, Baby Love, Remember Me and Sympathie. This year I got Rabble Rouser, Pretty Lady, Gwen Mayor, Easy Going and Lloyd Center Supreme which are all supposed (I’ll know by fall) to be very clean. I know that Easy Going and Lloyd center Supreme are for sure.


Rosa palustris… what can beat a species for being clean? Clean offspring too – not to mention being almost too vigorous.

The link below will give you an idea of what has been successful for me:


Coral Dawn and Lilac Charm are clean and give a relatively high percentage of clean seedlings.

Forgive my ignorance, but what are “clean” offspring?

clean = no disease

Ah. Thanks.

This is only my second attempt at hybridizing, so keep that in mind when you read my list. For “clean offspring”, this year I’ve used for seed parents: Lynn Anderson, Love and Peace, Jude the Obscure, Outta the Blue, Perfect Moment, Hot Cocoa. For pollen parents, Amber Queen, George Burns, Fake Break, Moonstone, Black Magic, Jeanne Kenneally, French Perfume.

“clean = no disease”, Opps, I did not understand that when I gave my answer.


You have an excellent list there. It’s great that there are now so many modern roses available that promise a link to cleaner roses in the future. I have used Livin’ Easy with good results (which is basically the same as Easy Going).


Thanks Jim! Ive tried to aquire “clean” roses to replace older roses since the passing of June Justice, Jerry Justice, Ray Spooner and a personal friend all in a short span of time. The whole thing scared the bajeezus out of me. I didnt want to enter a career exposing myself to future implications of health (not to say their careers caused it but it’s a possibility.) So, this sort of brings up the question–why breed for disease resistance/cold hardiness? I mean, what are the pro’s and con’s? Obviously the pro’s are lessened dependency on chemicals, healthier plants, aesthetics, customer promotion, etc. What are the con’s (if any?). Reduced bloom size or fragrance? Im just guessing but it is an interesting thought. Is it possible to have a hybrid tea (most popular by consumer demand) that is as fragrant as Fragrant Cloud with the disease resistance of Baby Love?