Mystery Rose

I had a rose seedling come up in one of my flower beds which was not planted by anyone. I was curious to see it bloom which it now has. It has multiple blooms per stem and is a very dark red. It is somewhat double but not very. I have absolutely no idea of its parentage as I have never had a rose of this type. Any interest out there? I will be digging it up this winter because it is in the wrong place and would be happy to send pictures via e-mail.

Likely root stock


Bob if you once had a rose planted near where this seedling came up it is possible it is the root stock Dr. Huey coming up rather than a seedling. Or I have pulled up roses before and did not get all the roots and a plant sprouted from the left behind root. If you did not have any roses there in the recent past it is probably a seedling. Let us know.

Good luck.


I assure you that there was NEVER a rose planted in that flower bed. I KNOW that this in fact was a seedling as I have pulled up roses from another bed & have dealt with reemerging root stocks.

Hi Bob:

I should be so lucky. You’ve piqued my curiosity. Please send me an e-mail picture. I have lots of weeds popping up where I know I didn’t plant them – does that count?

Regards, Bob Zone 9


In what part of the country do you garden? And what are your ‘wild roses’?

If you don’t have a camera, could you send me a leaf and a bit of stem?

There are leaf characteristics that strongly suggest R. multiflora or R. wichurana as parents. In other parts of the country, the wild parent could be something interesting with distinctive cane color, thorn pattern, and even the way the bloom is put together can tell something about the possible parentage.