My hybridizing goal this season = a bicoloured rose

Hi all

This season I will try to make a bicoloured red/yellow. If possible like Piccadilly or Tequila Sunrise.

I had found an unknown old yellow classic floribunda rose at my work to use (see picture), which right now sets all yellow flowers from OP hibs.

So now I am looking for a red/orange one to use. In my garden I have, Erotice, Westerland and Duftwolke, all Kordes roses, and “HC Andersen”, a Poulsen rose, to choose from.

Has anyone try to use Erotica, Westerland, duftwolke or HC Andersen ?

If some of you had luck to made at bicoloured rose, any tips and/or pictures will be very welcome :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear about your experience, thanks





You can get a bi-colored rose by breeding with Remember Me. It passes on coloration for gold petals with a dark pink reverse. The AARS winner About Face has Remember Me in the parentage via Hot Cocoa. A Fryer rose that looks similar to About Face plus has a great fragrance is Belle Epoque, a seedling of Remember Me. You may also get color blends from Remember Me ala Livin’ Easy (Fellowship).

Hope this helps!


Solitaire will give bicolors. HC Anderson will give red, red-orange and dark coral/carmine ranges. Both set hips easily. I would advise using something very mildew resistant when crossing with HC Anderson.

Oh. Solitaire x Caribean would work.

Ralph Moore’s new ‘Condoleezza’ is an excellent seed parent and gives a surprising number of seedlings with a white or yellow reverse and red topside.

Hi all

Thanks for all your advises :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I can find/buy remember me in Denmark, but I will try with HC Andersen this year, as I already have it.

It seems like lots of the roses you have in US are not available in Denmark or maybe they just gots other names in Europe…

Have anyone of you had success with getting bicolour roses and has some pictures?



Can you describe the floribunda rose? Does the plant grow upright, do the flowers start out yellow and fade to pale yellow quickly and are they fragrant? If so, maybe it is Arthur Bell you are working with.


The mini ‘Arizona Sunset’ will give bicolors, sets hips and is disease resistant. Robyn

Hi again

I got a picture of the yellow rose, which still had flowers in mid December. It

Remember Me was bred by Cocker in Scotland, so it may be available in Europe. It’s been out for over 20 years, so you may have to find a mail order nursery to order it from.


Perhaps Glowing Amber?

I’ve raised a few bicolors from very “wide” crosses. I think many members has said this before, and I’ve read this in older rose books and annuals.

I will talk about my rose Prospero X Goldmoss.

Prospero is a dark purplish red mauve with an intense fragrance. Its parentage consists of old red roses. Not very strong in cold climates, but it’s disease free and strong in my garden.

Goldmoss is the first strong yellow moss rose with remotancy. It parentage consists mainly yellowish floribundas and moss rose hybrids.

Originally, I wanted to mimick something of Paul’s work, although-- I’m happy with the results I’ve obtained.

Neither parents are bicolor, but they gave something that looked a little like Glowing Amber in colors. However, this seedling isn’t very color fast-- but it doesn’t “blue” like both its parents. (Goldmoss doesn’t really “blue” as much as get spottled.)

The flowers themselves aren’t very mossy. They do have something of moss, but it is so minimal that I don’t think it would be fair to call it a moss rose.

My seedling is also not fragrant, which disappoints me. However, it seems stronger than Prospero and has the same cycle blooms like Goldmoss.

I’ve thinked about introducing it because it grew in a horrible place and did well enough to survive. When I planted it in a good place with good soil and sunshine, it started to grow wonderfully. I’m constantly pinching off flowers so that the energy is spent in growing the plant.

Other crosses that gave me bicolors:

Livin’ Easy X Rugelda

Golden Angel X Fragrant Plum

OP seedlings of Scarlet Moss

Hi Enrique

It sounds like you are making a very nice rose, with your Prospero X Goldmoss crossings. I guess it takes time and a bit of luck too, to get the unique rose.

It could be interesting if you also could to get the fragrant part into your rose with time. Good luck!


A bigger bloom is starting to come out… Up to recently, they’ve all been small because the plant has been small… but if it blooms before I leave for Mexico (to become godfather to the baby of my cousin-second-removed.

The flowers are actually nice in cooler weather. It looks like a floribunda, but in cool weather the petals curve in like the English rose Bow Bells.

They do fade unfortunately, but not as terribly as its parents.

If it keeps its good bloom cycle, and if it looks like a disease resistant bush… I won’t hesitate to send rooted cuttings to for possible introduction.

Even if I decide not to introduce it, I know I can use it to breed with other David Austins, mosses, and perhaps other bi-color roses.

Hi Enrique

You must upload a picture of that rose one day, as it really sounds like you have made a great rose!