My first yellow and salmon-pink flowers

2018 has been a surprising summer for me. Finally I have yellow and salmon flowers among my seedlings. The more unexpected has been from Prairie Youth x Hazeldean, a cross made ten years ago, that I believed ruined. But in fact, I have found out that the flowers were on a sucker of it, a big surprise! And the others results were from crosses that have been made in 2016: Rosa rugosa Alba x Dr Harry Upshall, King J x J5 and Caroyal x Hazeldean. Those flowers will have certainly some differences next year, I cross my fingers and I hope for the best?!
#1 Prairie Youth x Hazeldean 08A.JPG
#2 Prairie Youth x Hazeldean 08A.JPG
#3 Rosa rugosa Alba x Dr Harry Upshall 16V.JPG

Last photos
#4 King J x J5 16N-2.JPG
#5 King J x J5 16N-1.JPG
#6 Caroyal x Hazeldean 16J-2.JPG

Congratulations! Your Caroyal x Hazeldean is my style of cross. It looks a lot like Prairie Peace.

Those are some quite attractive results! Congratulations, Andre!

Thank you Joe and Kim!

Nice crosses there. How old were they when they had their first blooms?

Love the yellows Andre. Well done.

Great crosses Andre. I really like the ‘Prairie Youth’ x ‘Hazeldean’.

Thank you Margit, David and Rob!
Rob, except for the cross Prairie Youth x Hazeldean, all the others are 2016 crosses that have germinated in 2017, therefore one year old for their first blooms.

It’s great that you got blooms first season. Congratulations on these very interesting seedlings.

I agree with you Rob they are interesting results. I did not think to have flowers before two years, I think I am very lucky. Also I am really excited to see what will happen next year with those plants and flowers and with their siblings who did not bloomed yet.