My first bloom

This might not be the best looking rose in the world, but it’s my first bloom from OP seeds I collected in the fall. It’s also my first bloom from seed that I planted. It’s a Happy Chappy OP and the first to bloom of 12 seedlings that I have. I was really surprised to see a medium yellow bloom.

I’m really starting to like this hobby a lot!!

I have OP seedlings from Scarlet Knight, Vavoom, Buttermint and Topsy Turvy yet to come.

Congratulations, Jeff.

Jeff, that really looks healthy and poised to bloom with all those buds. This is the beginning of an obsession.

Hi Jeff,

Fantastic - looks great! Plant looks very healthy at this stage and appears to be vigorous, nice multiple buds. Watch out though, this hobby is addictive!

Jim Sproul

It was suggested that if I have the room, to start a test garden for my new seedlings. So this last week I was out chopping blackberries and getting ready to move a fence for the new rose garden. I should have 30 yards of top soil being delivered next month. Now that’s an addicted person.

Good luck Jeff that is certainly a better bloom than the first one I ever got. It certainly is a addictive hobby as any of us can confess to.

Jeff, the pollen parent of Happy Chappy is known as Sun Runner. The female seedling parent is said to be orange-toned and larger than Happy Chappy or Sun Runner. Sun Runner looks to have a lot of miniature influence.

Good luck with your seedling!


With my limited experience this rose looks like a miniature. I wish the breeder would have put the lineage for HC on HMF so I could see what’s behind this rose. At any rate, it should be interesting to see what the other seedlings look like. So far they all look healthy.

Wow, 30 yards of topsoil! Yup!

Jeff, I gave HMF a note to update the lineage so it at least reflects Sun Runner, which also looks like it is a mini descendant. Sun Runner, unfortunately, doesnt have any listed lineage.

What a beautiful little flower! Mazel tov!

Congratulations Jeff.

Sowing OP seed is how I started.

Learning how to get them this far is half the battle. It IS an addictive hobby. Look out. Of course there are far worse things to be addicted to.

That looks like a very healthy seedling, it’s cute, I like yellow roses.