My Blue For You seedling just flowered!

Today I found the first flower on my Blue For You seedling. It has a bunch of buds all together, and this is the first flower to open. The colour is a deep purple-grey, not the same as its parent.

This is the only seedling from my Blue For You to survive. Lots of its seeds germinated, but I lost the others at the seedling stage, probably from my own carelessness.

I have struggled this year with this plant, as I used a product on it in the spring that didn’t agree with it and seemed to dry up its leaves, but recently it formed flower buds and now has some fresh shoots on it too. I also used some Sulphur Rose on it a couple of months ago, which might be the slight residue on the leaves, and it seemed happy with the Sulphur Rose, it didn’t have any problems with that.

Not that it has any issues with fungal infections, I was just using the Sulphur Rose on my roses in the spring as a precaution, and I have good experience with Sulpur Rose being gentle on my roses.

The other product I used on it really didn’t agree with it. Maybe why the leaves look a bit dried out.

I love this rose, love its deep purple colour. Now I need to be careful to look after it.

More photos.

How exciting, congratulations! What a nice deep color!

Yes I love the colour. From a distance it is a very striking, deep and intense dark purple.

It seems to have closed its petals up this evening, these photographs taken about 7pm.