Mrs. B. R. Cant

I see that there are no known offspring of ‘Mrs. B. R. Cant’, which puzzles me. Has anyone done any work with this rose, and if so, what were your results? Thank you.


I tried four crosses on it this Spring. Three aborted; the fourth looks good.

Any thoughts as to ploidy?

This morning I noticed that the fourth hip had dropped. I assumed that Mrs. B.R.C. was diploid, but I don’t know for sure.

I planted Mrs. B. R. Cant this year. I have been cutting the spent blooms off to help the bush grow, but I couldn’t resist letting one stay on to see if it would set hips. The hip has been growing about a month and it seems to be fine. It is either self, or open pollenated. The roses closest to it are Radio Times and Blush Noisette.

I have two plants of Mrs. B. R. Cant that set a few OP hips every year. I’ve only gotten one germination from the OP seeds and it didn’t live long. I’ve had a number of successful crosses from various pollens on Mrs. BRC but no germinations from the resulting seeds. Mrs. BRC has the typical enormous Tea seeds. I’ve had trouble germinating seeds from other Teas too. The blooms of Mrs. BRC are very full in the spring and fall and I’m never able to find much pollen. I have more success during the hotter months collecting pollen. Blooms are not quite as full and more pollen is produced. Still working on getting some offspring. Mrs. B. R. Cant is one of the healthiest and most vigorous roses I grow.


I’m intending upon trying Tea pollen on proven germinators. Huge and very tiny seeds often don’t germinate well. Perhaps their pollen on “good mommas” might work best?

I intend to do just that. Just have to find some pollen on Mrs. B. R. Cant. At the moment it’s the only Tea I have. Safrano and Monsieur Tillier wasted away and died.


I just realized I have a possible seedling from Mrs. B. R. Cant pollen getting ready to bloom now. It was a late germination and is still only a few inches high. It was a result of mixed pollen on a miniature seedling (Suntan Beauty X Abraham Darby). The other pollen used along with Mrs. BRC was an older HT. Hopefully the bloom will give me some indication which is the actual pollen parent. I had an earlier germination or two from this cross but the earlier seedlings didn’t survive.