Mr. Ralph Moore - Turning 102!


Mr. Moore’s family and church will be hosting an open house on Sunday, January 18th from 2 - 4 at the First Presbyterian Church in Visalia, CA. The public is invited.

His Birthday is on January 14th.

Hope to see you there!

Jim Sproul

Mazel Tov, Mr. Moore!

I’ve been up the last two years I doubt I will make it this year.

Thanks Jim. Please give him my best. Robert

If you cannot attend the party, sending a Birthday card is always a grand idea:

Ralph Moore

2519 E. Noble Avenue

Visalia, CA


Mr. Moore though frail, still looked great today - still talking roses and had ideas about what crosses to try next!

He said that he is now preparing for his next life, and hopes that there will be roses there too - he is amazing!

Carolyn and Irene were there along with Ted and Linda Berg, and lots of other friends and family.

Jim Sproul

I hope I am like that when I’m an old fart, lol. He sounds fun.