Mr lincoln mutation?

I have a Mr. Lincoln with a white streak in it. Is this normal or a mutation?

Thank you,

Tina Lampman

Nope, it’s not normal. Have you got a photo?

I don’t have a photo. My neighbor just gave me the rose cutting and I knew “MR Lincoln” had kicked a sport once, so it is more likely than other non-mutating plants to sport. I don’t have the plant myself, so I don’t know its behavior. Thank you for the info.

Tina Lampman

Where is the white streak, Tina? If on the outer petals of the bud, it’s not all that unusual. Many descendants of Crimson Glory have this trait. If it’s in the leaves, it might be a mutation–or rose mosaic virus.

You might paste these links into your browser and take a look at these pictures–they’re pretty typical of RMV–

We are not speaking about the leaves having white streaks. It’s a few of the petals close to the inside of the rose. Thank you for helping

A great many double roses have that feature on the inner petaloids - it’s especially noticeable in crimson and red roses, and in my opinion is probably related to the fact that these most interior “petals” represent the least completely transformed anthers. What you’re seeing is quite normal, and not a mutation.