Mr Buebird

What’s ‘Mr Bluebird’ like as a garden plant and a parent? Being 1/2 ‘Old Blush’ I’m assuming it copes with heat/humidity better than most yes??? Do you think, put with something with more height, it might be useful in developing good shrubby landscaping roses? The China roses seem to love it here and I have an opporunity to buy it but have never seen it in the flesh, so-to-speak. I’m assuming it’s also diploid right?

I remember it kind of being a bit sparse? But that was years ago. I do recall liking the other purple poly-mini types better though as garden plants. The thing about Mr. Bluebird is that it looks like a true polyantha to me. Its often listed as a mini but it doesnt really have any of the tell-tail miniature traits in the leaflet, stem archtecture or petal shape. I think I read once that it was proposed that Veilchenbleu was the male parent. I wouldnt doubt something to that effect. I also wouldnt doubt it being diploid. Also, I recall Robert saying Old Blush can be mildew-prone. I know Veilchenblau can even mildew here, so that may be something to consider.

I think others have used Mr. Bluebird hybrids such as Verdi, etc, in their hybridizing, so that may be a route to ask others of.

Personally, in terms of garden dynamics, I think the real Baby Faurax, Blue Mist and Vineyard Song are nice, healthy garden specimens.

Elfinglo is kinda cool but its more on the red/pink side of mauve, and it is a micromini.

I think everything mentioned is diploid but I am unsure of Vineyard Song. If you can find any of these where you live, they could be potential options.

I grow Mr. Bluebird. I have not used it enough to give you any real input on it. I will say that it has had no problems for me in Tampa Bay. It is pretty easy to strike. It has gotten some size to it, holds up to the humidity here just fine. Doesn’t bloom enough for me. I can not tell you more than is listed on HMF really.

Gleaning info on whats a diploid / triploid etc. Is one of the main reasons I visit this site.

Since I finally lapsed on ARS, as of this month. I should have membership here. (Plus, I was raised in Horseheads N.Y. a couple blocks from the Chemung county Fairgrounds. My grandfather used to have a large rose garden on Arnold Ave, I visit Elmira/ Corning/ Hoseheads at least once a year.)