Most Disease Resistant Tetraploids?

In my opinion, the R. Rugosa and it’s hybrids are the most truly disease resistant diploids, but what is you opinion regarding tetraploids?

If you had to choose two disease resistant, repeat blooming parents, to live with you among piles of fungal spores, which ones would you choose?

When I say disease resistant, I am not saying resistant under a 10-14 day spray schedule the way many catalogs would have you believe.



There are several disease free tetraploids, but the hard part is getting them to pass that resistance on to their offspring.

Why not try Rosa Kordesii? It is tetraploid with a proven record of passing on disease resistance and hardiness. I personally grow the R. Kordesii decendents Dortmund, John Cabot and William Baffin. All are incredibly disease resistant.

Thanks Shane. How about R. virginiana as well?

Both R. Virginiana and R. Carolina are supposed to be tetraploids, although I don’t know for sure. R. Virginiana is a truly beautiful rose and is probably worth a shot.