Mossy seedlings or not?

Hello to everyone!
The seedlings shown come from the cross ‘Rotes Phänomen’ x ‘Nuits de Young’. The goal for me was to create a variety with moss and rugose foliage. Opinions here in the community were pretty unanimous that the moss odor from such lineage doesn’t smell very pleasant. I wanted to check for myself whether there are any exceptions possible. This crossing and vice versa gave rise to a large number of seedlings. 2/3 of them were clearly recognizable as centifolias and classic rugosas. A distinctive Moss rose was not included. The other third seems to be more of a little visible mix with rugose dominance, as the images show. However, I miss strong mossing traits on all and do not believe that this will change significantly in the F1 as the plants mature. Moreover, I’m struggling whether the baby roses illustrated are actually very weak moss rugosa seedlings or rather a classic rugosa with few more glands.

I would be grateful to hear your opinion. Thank you very much for your support.


Hi Roseus,
I don’t grow any moss roses but do have a bunch of rugosa seedlings and the seedlings in your pictures definitely seem to have something extra. That’s a cool cross by the way!
They look very young. Perhaps allow them to mature some more so it becomes more apparent? In the below thread they discussed the inheritance of mossiness. Some posters seem to say mossiness can increase over time. Unfortunately all the photo links are dead, but there is reference to an article that you might be able to find on the topic.

I hope someone more knowledgeable about mosses can comment.