Mossed wichurana hybrid

Last year I crossed my ‘Bullseye’ with ‘Dresden Doll’. Several seedlings came up but one is about to flower. This is its bud:

[center][attachment 1259 BullseyexDresdenDoll1.jpg][/center]

It looks like it will be mossed; however, I have not grown mossed seedlings before. Do they start out like this and as the seedling matures does mossing improve or is it destined to stay ‘gladular’ like this? It does look ‘hairy’ on the bud. It’s a nice strong seedling with the health of its Mum… so far. Early days though.

It looks beautiful!! Does it have a nice fragrance if you lightly rub the bud? I have had glandular trichomes like this in my polyantha seedlings. They have typically stayed about the same as they matured.

It’s so small, David, that I dare not touch it yet. To give you an idea of scale, the bud in the photo above is still only about 15mm long.

I was hoping it was mossing as it looks similar to this photo of ‘Fairy Moss’: 'Fairy Moss' Rose Photo

My Dortmund x (Carefree Marvel x Shadow Dancer), hence VERY wichurana-based, is lightly mossed and it smells like cinnamon lol.

Some of the multiflora hybrids, especially the poly types, also product that unusual resinous prickling.

Wichurana is pretty much a chameleon. It takes on the characteristics of its mate rather well. Mossing, cresting, stripes, flower form are all fairly well picked up and expressed. It does tend to wash out colors in many instances, though. Take a look at Red Moss Rambler,, Closer to Heaven, , Scarlet Moss, Rose Gilardi, Papoose, even 0-47-19 and what all has come from it, as well as all the early Wichurana ramblers.