'Morning Magic' as a parent

I’m interested in hearing about experiences using MM as a parent either way and results from OP seeds. I picked this one up from Home Depot this past weekend and it was absolutely clean and covered in hips. Thanks in advance.

It was a seedling of MM that Bill Radler said he found to be resistant to rose midge and he’s using to try to breed resistance to rose midge.

My attempted pollinations of MM this year didn’t take.

Interesting. I read in the ‘old forum’ that MM has rugosa in its ancestry. If you are interested in OP hips Joe, I can get some to you this fall.

Yes, Radler said that rugosa alba is a great grandparent. He suspects that is the source of the midge resistance. Only send me hips if you don’t have room and nobody else wants them; I’ll be happy to germinate them but I know I’ll have plenty in years to come.

Joe, Is there something online regarding the breeding line of MM? Interesting to learn that R. rugosa alba is a great grandparent. The hips are very rugosa like.

How are Ruglauca and Rugosa #3 doing for you? I’ve got a number of OP Ruglauca seedlings this season and although small, some are exhibiting blue-ish colored leaves. Looking forward to seeing what develops as the mature a bit more. I also was lucky to get one Rugosa #3 OP seedling as well. It’s small but the leaves appear to be non-rugose looking so far.

Hi Rob,

If you have plenty to go around, I would be interested in hips of MM.


Jim, what might you cross them with once they are up and flowering, just interested.


I’d be happy to send you some hips from MM. I think I’ll go back to Home Depot and ‘borrow’ as many ripe hips as I can. I’ve been planning crosses in my head for next season using miniatures on it as well as some rugosa hybrids of my own.


Bill Radler told me about the rugosa alba in the parentage. I don’t know anything about other roses in its parentage.

Here is the Rugosa #3 that you gave me:

[flickr_photo src=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8292/7838408818_9994811238.jpg nsid=66449618@N07 id=7838408818]August2012_14[/flickr_photo]

And a close up of the one pollinated hip (I don’t remember what pollen). There appears to be one OP hip as well.

[flickr_photo src=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8305/7838398264_1db6b7a0d3.jpg nsid=66449618@N07 id=7838398264]August2012_15[/flickr_photo]

Here is Ruglauca:

[flickr_photo src=http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7278/7838391442_1e8041652c.jpg nsid=66449618@N07 id=7838391442]Ruglauca[/flickr_photo]

I’ll post some pics of the OP Rugosa #3 seedlings (seed from Paul Barden) on the seedlings thread.

Hi Rob,

Thank you, that would be great!

Hi David,

As usual, I would probably try it with some of my Hulthemias. I am trying to cross them with everything clean.