Morgengruss - hybrid kordesii?

HMF lists this rose as hybrid kordesii. Is it really?

There are no parentage reports.

I see a decendant list, however - is this a testament to its fertility? How effective is it in a breeding program?

Reports vary regarding winter hardiness. I’m thinking of adding it to my list of parents provided it makes a good one either way.

I just got mine in from Pickering yesterday because it looked very intresting, especially since it is supposed to be very disease resistant.


It is interesting isn’t it, Patrick? It was recommended to me by a few rosarians, and I regret having hesitated.

I’m not familiar with the breeding tenets of the house of Kordes. Looking at how r. kordesii has been a dynamic contributor to the development of many K shrubs, including those of hardy North American bred varieties, no doubt Morgengruss is yet another scion. The blooms are unusually attractive for a cold hardy, repeat blooming variety. Pity the parents are undisclosed. Apparently it does set hip.

Im guessing it could be related to Isle Krohn or Leverkusen. Looking at it, I wondered if it was half kordesii hybrid and half eglanteria hybrid.

At any rate, Id guess at least 1/4 Golden Glow and 1/4 kordesii in some fashion or another.