Moore's Striped Rugosa's fertility


It’s been out for some time and I’m thinking long enough for people to experiment. So, have anyone of you seen any fertility with the world’s only commerically introduced striped rugosa hybrid?

I’ve been looking for any info on the fertility of any of Ralph Moore’s hybrid rugosas. I remember seeing extremly rare OP hips on Linda Campbell, none of which have germinated. (Although, I picked them when they were dry.)

I’ve been toying with the idea of enhancing the species colors of rugosa instead of working against it… The hip of R. (kordesii X Basye’s Amphi) X Persian Sunset, I don’t know what happened to it. It may had aborted, plucked off by an animal, or accidently snapped when somebody brushed up against it.

But I had thought of putting halo’s on the unattactractive rugosa’s natural color as something that maybe pleasing. I’m envisioning something similar to Nigel Hawthorne.

I got about 100 seeds this year from Rosa rugosa alba x mixed tetraploid pollen (examples: Baby Love, Livin Easy, etc. there are like 12 pollen donors). I decided that it seemed like a worthwhile venture to see if I get lucky with something unique. I call it “roulette with rugosas” :slight_smile:

I’m not particularily interested with the species itself… mostly, the species hybrid. I’ve thought about buying Belle Poitine or Magnifica, but I would like to work with Moore’s hybrids where rugosa is diluted but not completly diluted.

Well, that is the secondary thought. It’s all about getting lucky with something actually fertile, which is a pain the the beeeeeep