Mme Caroline Testout

I think this is a rose which offers alot and grows well in this wide country of OZ. I have produced a number of seedlings which have shown good bloom form, repeat, scent, vigour and minimal health issues.Here are a few results which I have achieved using this old girl.

[attachment 1171 hildaSophiaLehmann3.jpg] Hilda Sophia Lehmann (Charles Austin X Mme C Testou)

[attachment 1172 Ithaca2.jpg] Ithaca (Charles Austin X Mme C Testou)

[attachment 1173 Overlander4.jpg] Overlander (Baronne E d Rothschild X Mme C Testou)

And a couple more

[attachment 1174 Tsunami1.jpg] ( Queen Elizabeth X Mme C Testou)

[attachment 1175 carolineXnancy.jpg] ( Mme C Testou X Nancy Harwood)

[attachment 1176 PlatinumBlonde.jpg] (Graham Thomas X Mme C Testou)

And the last two

[attachment 1177 DISCOLEMONADE1.jpg] (Iceberg X Mme C Testou)

[attachment 1178 FlamingPhoenix3.jpg] ( Wendy X Mme C Testou)

This rose produces a multiple array of bloom structures with good perfume .

Warren, they all look great … and the last two really get my attention: so unique, such glossy foliage. If I had seen such good results, I would had ordered Mme C. Testou. Thanks for posting them. Is Iceberg x Mme C.T thornless and fragrant?

I love the first one.

Warren they all do look amazing.

In which regions of Oz have they been tested so far?

Chicago zone 5 ; the Iceberg X Mme C Testou smells like those old fashioned Carnations or Dianthus.

Adam that first one was named after my Grandmother whose family immigrated from Germany back in the 1850’s.It is one of my favourite roses.

George they have n’t left the Riverina yet.

OK. cool.

It looks like Madame Caroline Testout is a good Female parent?unfortunately i can’t find it in shop.

… and a good dadda rose as well !