Mixed Pollen?

This year I have used mixed pollen of selected varieties with poor output. For example, I mixed Disco Dancer and Tequila Sunrise pollen in the same dish for crosses on the same seed parent (Playboy in this example) because both of these roses have had poor results for me. I realise that chosing more fertile parents is the way to go but some color/plant types arent very common. Besides, I like a fun challenge and dont mind trying a few times. Anyhow, are there any bad outcomes with this method other than trying to figure out which parent “made it through”? Or comments?


I normally pollinate individually for about 4 days. Then I mix the pollen that is left in the individual 35 mm containers. Often I will have 2 containers of mixed pollen like diploid pollen and tetraploid pollen (or species and non species). I have also had mixed yellow, mixed white, mixed hardy, etc. Sometimes I simply mix all the old pollens.

A rose like Agnes may have only a few percent good pollen. If I use it alone, the few sets may not be enough to keep the pod from dropping. Another way of trying to maximize the poor pollen set is to pollinate with (say) Agnes the first day and then a mixed pollen the second day.

I do get seed set with my mixed pollen pollinations.

Thanks Henry! I thought I had heard of this procedure before but I was completely clueless as to the specifics so I just decided to try it out. Ive also been mixing Baby Love, Rabble Rouser and Pretty Lady pollen together onto Lloyd Center Supreme. I thought it would be neat to see what kordesii and R. davidii heritage could do.