Mixed genes

With parents and grandparents like this, this should have some very interesting offspring.


Has anyone else worked with the Canadian RSMK-1?

RSMK-1 is Morden seedling described in Hortscience, Vol 15, pages 205-206(1980). It is a cross between R.rugosa X ((J. W. Fargo X (Donald Pior X R. arkansana)) X mixed R.arkansana hybrids). It is of interest because it is a tetrapoid.

Link: picasaweb.google.com/HAKuska/HenrySRoses/photo#5086691115412045490

Nice color on this one Henry. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about hardiness at all with the ancestors this one has.

RMSK-1 is in the pedigree of ‘Hope for Humanity’. ‘Morden Cardinette’ x RMSK-1 was the breeding line used to develop this cultivar. It’s my understanding that Rosa rugosa was injected into the Parkland roses to increase disease resistance. However, that didn’t happen. Rosa rugosa, of course, is notorious for losing disease resistance in F2 hybrids.

I’ve dabbled a bit with RMSK-1 and RMSK-5. They are very similar but one has more petals than the other. No results but I might look at it again some day.

Interestingly, I saw ‘Hope for Humanity’ growing adjacent to an out building on a friend’s property a few days ago. I was impressed with its height - 1.5 metres. I think it should be crossed with some of the Explorer Rosa kordesii cultivars to develop Pillar or Climber roses having deep pink or red flowers. In fact, this year I did a few crosses with it and ‘Henry Kelsey’. Also, a few with Morden Sunrise’ in the hopes of developing bicolours. Something lacking in the Parkland roses.

RSMK-1 seems to give nice offspring, see:





Another RSMK-1 seedling:


Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/hambergerphoenisxifrsmk1.htm