Miniature Gigantea Hybrid

I thought those of you working on warm climate hybrids might be interested in seeing one of the seedlings from last season. It’s apparently a once-bloomer but all parts are miniature. It’s also smooth like the pollen parent.

I hung a leaf of the seed parent on the one gallon container to give an idea of scale.

The seed parent will easily attain 40’ a warm climate garden. I hope to get repeat in the next generation.


That is awesome Robert. From 40 ft. to a mini and it looks like a healthy plant. Hope it works out for you.


Thanks Patrick. I pretty much got everything I was looking for with this seedling except repeat flowering.

Hopefully next Spring I’ll get some blossoms to work with. I’ll probably incorporate this one with the banks hybrids.

haha cute. (and no cute isn’t demeaning!!! :stuck_out_tongue: )

The world could use some healthy minis, I hope it works out well.

I concur. I can only grow about 1% of the mini cultivars available without using harmful chemicals (which I refuse to use) for blackspot.

Of 200-300 roses, I grow 5 minis total. Baby Love, Caliente, Rose Gilardi, Scarlet Moss and Orange Classic. 3 are species linked. 2 are HT linked. Caliente and Orange Classic are really pushing it for disease prone, but they fare well with only minor blemishes-- nothing to whine about :slight_smile:

When I was at Heirlooms las year, I took note of which minis in their huge collection looked healthy that August day-- Scarlet Moss, Playgold (that one looked fabulous), Cinderella and This Is The Day.

Nice work!

Kordes has been launching disease resistant miniatures in the past few years. However, they do not have show-quality HT flowers if that is what you are looking for. Some are single, some are pompon, some have HT-type flowers. I’m testing a couple of them this year and they are very healthy so far (no spray).


I personally do not care about the form, I am more interested in how they look in the garden and on the kitchen table. Gourmet Popcorn is my best for both, but I do not consider it a true mini.

I dunno tho. You’d have to ask someone that has a lot of small vases and small hands :stuck_out_tongue: