Mild temperatures followed by frost - sprouted shoot buds damaged

Unfortunately, frost has damaged very little sprouted shoot buds on several roses. The roses are still alive. Is there any hope that the roses will sprout again in the next few weeks or is more patience needed. In this extreme form, I have not experienced this occurance before. Many thanks for advice and help.

Having the same issue here this year. My experience is that if the rose is own-root, there will be some buds below soil level that will eventually come out. If the rose is grafted, it depends on how low you planted the graft. If too high, you may have the root stock emerge.

If the canes aren’t too weak, such buds also generally have auxiliary (secondary) buds on either side that can sprout if the main bud or shoot is badly damaged.

Frost burned new shoots from southern growers delivered bare roots a few times. No problem. They grew back. They have three chances to re-grow. Never had to test third chance.

@lee_hull; @MidAtlas; @RikuHelin
Many thanks to all of you! The affected rose bushes grow mostly on own roots and have a solid and sturdy habitus, so I am relieved that there is still a chance for them.