Mike....wanted cuttings


We switched our email accounts and went from vista back to xp…somewhere in there I ended up with only old email addresses in my address book…

A Mike (and I’m sorry–I should know your last name but it escapes me at the moment) had written and I know he has posted here before…can’t remember so don’t want to write several “Mikes”…

If you’re him…write me back with what you wanted and when you wanted it…I’m still trying to track down trades/wants of people…if I remember right, this Mike was in MN or something so doesn’t need stuff right away but someone from Texas had also written and wanted stuff and I should get that off before it gets too warm for them down there. That was on a different forum though.

Sorry for the confusion, let me know what you want.



The email part of this website is not working so I can’t get in touch with you that way at this point. Once it is up and working I can email you. Not a big rush at this point, I won’t do cuttings for a while.

Thanks for remembering me,