Mike Lowe passed away.

Mike Lowe’s obituary is at:


I only knew him as a rose breeder. I found him to be a very helpful, friendly person. He was one of the first to successfully breed with the very hardy Canadian climber, William Baffin. A list of his roses is at:

Link: obit.anctil-rochette.com/obitdisplay.html?id=695615&listing=Current

Mike was indeed a helpful and friendly person, and he really enjoyed roses. IIRC one of his favorites was Patsy Cline (the rose and the vocalist).

When I was just getting started breeding he invited me up to New Hampshire to see his garden and he talked my ear off about own-root roses, well ahead of that curve. I was more impressed by the fact that he had one of the first Apple computers right in his living room. I had never before seen a personal computer and it was that experience that got me started on both rose and computers.

When I spoke with Mike last fall he told me his son had taken over the business. I hope he keeps it running, as he had built up quite a collection. He didn’t say it directly but I think much of it wound up at Ashdown, too.

This is very sad news. I hope his family will learn to cope soon and be comforted that his legacy survives in more than a few ways.

I liked Mike as well though I only had few ineractions with him. I have had a number of his roses. Used to own Ezzy and New Hampshire Statehouse and still have The Abigail Adams Rose (The Gift x Sweet Chariot). One of my favorite once blooming roses is one of his creations, Irenes Delight.