'Mevrouw Nathalie Nypels'

I enabled someone to buy ‘Mevrouw Nathalie Nypels’ because she was looking for the name Natalie with that spelling.

The next summer I got the usual phone call asking why the rose’s leaves had gotten spots and dropped off.

So in a garden in which it was the only rose, it caught our local strain of Black Spot quickly.

David, Have you used Orleans Rose anytime. I was wanting to know how good it is as a parent (seed and pollen). I have it but it is still in a pot, but I hope to use it sometime this year. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Fred

Oh, duh, I forgot.

A large majority of modern floribundas are descended from Orange Triumph. I used to own it. It’s a horrible seed parent (the blooms fall off when spent), but the pollen works apparently. It has really weird parentage…

From my experience, it is not too dissimilar to they way Ballerina grows. The major differences in growth are larger leaves, somewhat larger blooms, and mildew in prone areas. The rest was very similar.