Has anyone used this product?

Do you mean Yahoo Messenger? I haven’t used it lately, but it worked well when I did.


No Jim, there’s a product by “Edenbio” that is supposed to result in much bigger blooms and fruits. It works differently from fertilizers and hormones, rather it stimulates a protective response by the plant. Sounds interesting.

Might I suggest that you contact Don Julien in the Pacific Northwest, who has been testing Messenger for the past year.

I think that this will be helpful to you.

Suzanne Horn in L.A.

Thanks, Suzanne!

SunQueen, if you obtain any info regarding it’s performance could you please let us know? I would be very interested in hearing more first hand experience with this product.

I did hear from Don, thanks Suzanne. He said that he’s used it for two years now, and it does dramatically improve growth and resistance to blackspot in his garden. On his roses, he said his hips were huge (no mention about seeds). He said there also seemed to be more new canes coming from lower on the bush.

This sounds like an interesting new product, albeit expensive. Definitely one worth looking into.

Thanks for updating us with the response SunQueen! Interesting about the larger hips…did he say he has been using it all season? Or is this something done at the beginning of the season only. Guess I should do some more research on this. I’m a bit hesitant to go find out what “expensive” means and the frequency of use…but I will go do some digging now. Thanks again!