'Mermaid' 'Happenstance' 'Little Mermaid', and 'The Pearl' AKA 'Purezza'

So I’m abandoning ‘R. laevigata’, and decided that I really wanted to breed with a Lady Banks Rose. I placed an order for ‘The Pearl’ (Tom Thumb x R. banksiae lutescens) and the thought of breeding this with Bracteata hybrid. Even got ‘Mermaid’ at the same time. Got both from Heirlooms. I know I have a slim chance of actually getting seedlings of due to the fact that both are very sterile. But I can hope. It would be fun anyways. But I’m wondering if there are any difference in fertility between ‘Mermaid’, ‘Happenstance’ and ‘Little Mermaid’. (I assume that ‘Little Mermaid’ is also a sport of ‘Mermaid’ like ‘Happenstance’) Have planned this winter to relocate two existing roses to have the two rambler grow opposite to each other. Can ‘Happenstance’ make a mannerly climber? I have never seen her, and I’ve heard conflicting reports of its’ growth habbit.