Maybe I've got a thornless rugosa?

I’ve noticed a particular seedling whose mother is Queen Elizabeth that has leaves that are similar to that of a rugosa. It isn’t deeply wrinkled like a pure rugosa, but has that hybrid appearance. It reminds me of the foilage of Topaz Jewel. And it has the same disease free nature of a rugosa. Funny thing is that the foilage on 77-361 looks like all rugosa blood is missing. It skipped a generation to my seedling. I’m going to use 77-361 this year with more minis. Last year the only cross I could really took was with Cafe Ole, and Queen Elizabeth. Pacific Seranade and Fair Dinkum looks like good parents for the mean while. I have R. kordesii too that may I want to try.

Some seedlings of Henry Kelsey also produce crinkled/rugose leaves. Unfortunately they tend to be exceedingly thorny.