This Portland seems to be full of surprises. As an explanation a friend told me it bears some resamblance with R.Foliosa.

A queen comparison between the two is somewhat disturbing, and even the blooms.Moreover,the Species R.Foliosa would have been “filed” (if not found) later.

Other Portlands have shallow leaves (R.du Roi, J.Cartier,

Joasine Hanet) but Marbr

I have R. foliolosa and at least one Portland, Compte de Chambord, and I find that they are not similar. I’ve seen Marbree from afar but can’t think how they can relate each other, besides the fact that they are roses. The Portlands’ leaves are very fuzzy, rounded and damask rose like, while my foliolosa has these exotic ferny very long and skinny leaves.

Oh, just a side note… I’m trying to get the importation papers from Aphis, but it’s going to take time. Thanks…

Thanks Enrique,

Yes, Comte de Chambord is very different from R.Foliosa,

but Marbr

I’ve only seen Marbree and on Paul’s site, and glimpsed it afar in live. I really got to see the plant upclose so I could compare it with my foliolosa.