Making the Two-Year In-the-Ground Cut


Making the Two-Year In-the-Ground Cut

13A-13 Jelinek

5-1/2” yellow high-centered bloom. Disease and mildew resistance. Good fragrance. Wintered over in the ground for one year. 2-1/2 ft x 2 ft wide bush. Off to a vigorous start this year.

I just dumped two other two-year olds that didn’t make the grade for disease resistance. This one has glossy, healthy dark green foliage.

Radiant Perfume GR, Medium Yellow, 2005 Zary X 10G-06 Jelinek CL, Heavenly Heights, unregistered. Heavenly Heights is being independently evaluated.

10G-06 comes from 22C-03 Jelinek Apricot Cream X 17A-03 Jelinek Cl Reach for the Skies, unregistered. A number of people have requested seeds and cuttings from Reach for the Skies, and the seeds have sprouted.

22C-03 came from Tournament of Roses X Fragrant Plum
17A-03 CL came from Lilian Austin X Summer Wine Cl.

Well done John, does it keep that fantastic color as it ages ?. The foliage is to die for.

Hello David! We’ll be checking to see if this bloom fades in the next few days. It doesn’t look like it will. If it takes after 10G-06, it might turn out to be a vigorous climber.

Oh wow! If you happen to collect some pollen off of it please let me know if you will be able to send some out. I think I may have a few cold hardy varieties that I might want to try that one on. That is some of the best foliage I have seen. Congrats!


Love the color John!